The Cut The Bullshit Podcast Gear Guide

You're A Storyteller, Not An Engineer.

What you need and what you don't to create a kick-ass podcast on any budget

You need straightforward gear recommendations on what you actually need to reach more listeners. 

Podcasting is maybe the best way to reach your target audience and build a real, lasting relationship with them in today's competetive online marketing world. 

But let's face it, it's not always easy.

What if I told you that while podcasting gear might seem overwhelming, confusing, and expensive from the outside, with just a little bit of guidance you could set yourself up to record a professional sounding podcast for less than your last date night? Even if that was closer to McDonalds than Michelin.

(What's more, your podcast is in it for the long haul)


You know how to connect with an audience and deliver your message in a way that converts. You have a story to share that you know others are dying to hear.

But how do you actually get that message to those people you're trying to interact with?

Microphones? Audio interfaces?? Recording software???

Your head is spinning just thinking about everything you need and how much it's going to cost you, and maybei'lljusthaveadrinkandforgetallaboutpodcasting...

Whoa there, slow down and take a breath. Maybe just a sip of that drink for good measure.

You need a straightforward, no bullsh*t manual detailing what you need, and what you don't.

And you need it to fit your budget.



Gear For Every Podcaster

Everything you need to record a kick-ass sounding podcast.

Whatever your experience. Whatever your budget.

No Bullsh*t.


Essential Gear

What type of microphone is best for my podcast?

Do I need a mixer, digital audio interface, digital recorder, or can I get away without one?

What accessories can help improve my audio?

We cover all of these in depth with specific recommendations for every budget.



How am I supposed to record and edit my awesome podcasts?

I want to record guests over Skype but can't figure out how.

In Chapter 2 we discuss some of the free and paid software options for your podcast production.


Podcast Web Hosting

Were you thinking of posting your finished podcasts directly on your website?

Wait, don't do it! We'll go over some alternatives that will keep your website from bogging down, provide valuable analytics, and more.


Best Practices

Believe it or not, there are a ton of tricks you can employ to improve the quality of your podcast with the gear you already have!

We'll also cover some tips to improve the efficiency and organization of your workflow.

Bonus Chapter

Recommended Setups

You're busy. You just want to be told exactly the setup you need for your style of show.

This is the section for you. No bullshit, straightforward, complete podcast setups for every budget and show type.

“The gear guide was unlike most other tech related things I've read. As someone who is decidedly not good with technology of any kind, this immediately helped calm my fears, set me straight, and give me the information I needed to do a dang good job of recording a podcast. I enjoyed the humor and the lack of unnecessary tech-speak. You know, the kind that makes your brain fuzzy and leaves you squinting at the page, wondering if that paragraph was supposed to be helpful. It was GOOD! ”


“Before I read this guide I only knew about two types of microphones. After reading however I know so much about not only mics but mixers, inerfaces, and all the best software to use. I know exactly what I need to start my podcast!”


“I was stuck knowing you pay for quality gear but not understanding enough abut the tech to find the sweet spot of good enough and affordability. This book gave me the confidence I needed to buy my first proper microphone - which I now find any excuse to use - and Jeremy made me feel like we were in this together to save the world one podcast at a time."


“I like how conversational and consice the Cut The Bullshit Podcast Gear Guide is. The language made what could have been tech nonsense easy to understand and enjoy.”


About the Author

Jeremy Enns

Jeremy is the Founder and Storyteller In Chief of Ascetic Productions, a podcast consulting, production, and education company. Nothing lights him up like helping brands and entrepreneurs build relationships with their target audience by sharing their authentic story through highly engaging podcasts.

“Podcasting is one of three topics that you should avoid bringing up with me at a party - that is unless you want to have your ear talked off. Really, the reason wrote this book in the first place is to avoid these types of awkward situations. (Oh, if you're wondering, the other two topics are Star Wars and Ice Cream)”

What you need and what you don't to create a kick-ass podcast on any budget

Get Clear On What You Need

Achieve the audio quality your content - and audience - deserves

Start your podcast right with professional sounding audio straight of the gate. Stop running around the interet reading blog article after blog article.

 Get everything you need to know about gear backed by hundreds of podcasters in one place.